Te Ataarangi
Kia kore koe e ngaro taku reo rangatira

About Te Ataarangi

For over 35 years, Te Ataarangi has been at the forefront of Māori Language Revitalisation.

Te Ataarangi is well-known for the use of coloured Cuisenaire rods as a learning tool.  It's  an effective language-learning technique that encourages you to speak.  It has supported more than 50,000 people to speak Māori in homes and communities.

“It takes only one generation to lose a language and at least three generations to restore that language"

Our language revitalisation initiatives focus on:  

  • Working to support the Māori language being spoken naturally between generations every day, and in the home
  • Growing the number of competent speakers
  • Supporting groups of people with a shared interest to come together to speak Māori
  • Accommodating local and regional language differences
How can Te Ataarangi assist you?

A number of strategies are needed to achieve successful language revitalisation.  You can participate in initiatives that focus on re-establishing the Māori language as the principal language of the home, family, neighbourhood and wider community.  Every step, no matter how small, is one step closer to ensuring the survival of our language.

  • Community-based classes - informal language classes run in various locations throughout the country.
  • Te Ataarangi in the Workplace - in-house language classes for your staff.
  • Kāinga Kōrerorero - supporting language development in the home between all members of the family.
  • Regional Immersion Hui - aligned with regional language plans with a focus of strengthening local identity.
  • National Community Hui - held annually for immersion groups to participate in workshops.
  • Developing Speaker Communities - working with communities to increase the use of Māori language.