Te Ataarangi
Kia kore koe e ngaro taku reo rangatira

Learning Principles

In Te Ataarangi, the language is taught alongside Māori customs and values.

Learners and facilitators are encouraged to abide by the following learning principles.

1. Kaua e kōrero Pākehā

Don't speak English
English is not used in class to maintain a true immersion Māori learning experience.

2. Kaua e poka tikanga

Don't be disrespectful of customs or beliefs
Be respectful of each other and of the principles and customs that guide our learning. No put-downs or disrespect to others or their beliefs.

3. Kaua e akiaki tētahi i tētahi

Don't prompt one another
We all learn at different paces. Some find learning very frustrating, or they have difficulty with their memory. Others have a fear of making mistakes. The best way to help someone is to give them time to work it out for themselves - don't answer for them.

4. Kia ahu atu te pātai ki a koe, kātahi anō koe ka ahei ki te whakahoki

Only answer questions which are directed to you
By waiting for your turn and not interrupting, everyone in the class is given a chance to speak and an opportunity to voice their opinion.

5. Kia ngākau māhaki

Be humble
Of the 5 learning principles, this one is the most important. It incorporates the human values of truth, peace, harmony, right and proper conduct, non-violence, love, kindness and goodwill.  Being ‘ngākau māhaki’ is what we call it in Māori and it unites the learners into a single cohesive group learning together, mindful of, and respectful of each others needs. It also creates a safe, non-threatening environment in which optimum learning is realised.